How Are the PFPs Made?

We have a couple of people on our moderator team that have signed up to try to make the best PFPs they can with Midjourney and DALLE-3. Since Midjourney doesn't offer an API, this is a manual process, and our team members are easily throwing away 80%+ of generations - only picking the best.

As new technology is released, we'll switch over and continue to push the envelope.

Can I Submit A PFP?

The purpose of PFP Town is to specifically control what is generated, and shown on the site. If you would like to submit PFP that you create, you can submit to our sister site - Avatar Abyss. It's part of the main Alpha Coders domain, and is our main community platform. We even have an Alpha Coders Creator program if you are sharing your own personal creations!

Who Runs PFP Town?

Alpha Coders is a small team. Basically one main developer (the guy writing this) and a dedicated team of moderators. I really like building new things, and seeing what kind of PFPs brand new tech could create is really fun for me.